Ace Cleaners


Introducing a Revolutionary New Way of Dry-cleaning that

gives you much cleaner, fresher, softer, and healthier garments.

Traditional dry-cleaning systems do not remove soils and stains thoroughly from garments and leave plenty of the soils and stains unremoved.  It leaves them buried deep inside the garment.  That makes your garment look dingy and dull.

Also the solvent used in traditional dry-cleaning (known as perc) is very, very aggressive and often damages sensitive dyes and ornaments.  That forces traditional dry-cleaners to shorten the cleaning cycle time.  As a result, soils are not completely removed.

Our new system of dry-cleaning uses a solvent that is much gentler, but highly effective in loosening and separating all the soils from the garments—thanks to our revolutionary new dry-cleaning technology.

That’s why your garments cleaned here look much brighter, have vivid color, better touch, and naturally fresh smell.

The solvent we use has been safely used in cosmetics and as food additives for a long time before it was adopted in dry-cleaning.  Try your favorite sweaters, silk blouses, linen, down coat, or khaki pants. Your garments will have a much better feel, softer touch, and brighter colors and no solvent residue or odor.  And yes, there won’t be any potentially harmful substance left on your garments.

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We can handle nearly any alteration/repair.

We clean and preserve wedding dresses.